What people say

Choosing someone to support you when you’re feeling vulnerable is a big decision. That’s why I thought you’d like to hear what some of my current and past clients have said about me. Let them help you decide if I’m the right fit for you.

S. Mash – Anxiety and panic attacks

“I am a firm believer in ‘sorting yourself out’ and ‘getting on with it’ but sometimes in life you truly can’t just do that on your own. Natasha gave me the tools, strength and belief that ‘I can do it’. Sort myself out and get on with it positively.

“I was suffering with high anxiety which led me to have panic attacks. From the very first session with Natasha I felt reassured and through hypnosis so very relaxed. It really was the most wonderful feeling of wellbeing. I knew from that first session how powerful this treatment would be for me. 

“Six sessions on and I am approaching life differently. With Natasha’s help I have been released from the exhausting ‘Getting on with things’ under a cloud of anxiety. What a difference it has made, I wish I had sort this help from Natasha sooner.”

M. L – Stress and Anxiety 

“Living my life on an auto pilot constantly doing rather than being was exhausting, I felt completely detached from my emotions and the world around me. My life was filled with negative thoughts and anxieties.  One day I made a choice to see Natasha and she has changed my life remarkably. Natasha has guided me through the most difficult times of my life, through a tailored therapy she enabled me to find the root causes of my stress and anxieties and to reframe my mind to live a fulfilling life I thought was never possible.

Natasha is very engaging, incredibly caring and is an extraordinary listener.

Thank you for empowering me…………”

A.M. – Stress and anxiety

“When I first went to Natasha I was experiencing muscular pain in my neck, my self-confidence was at an all-time low and my stress levels were at their highest. I felt lost and my work/life balance was totally out of kilter. Through talking and hypnotherapy, Natasha helped me to unpick the true causes of my stress and anxiety and to see how I could unlock a deep sense of relaxation.

“Between weekly sessions I felt my confidence grow and a sense of ease came into my life. Natasha equipped me with coping mechanisms which have enabled me to feel empowered to cope with stressful situations and to feel more relaxed each day. Since meeting Natasha, I have developed my business and I enjoy the work/life balance that I have out in place. I am now confident of a bright future ahead of me.”

G.G – Phobia

“Natasha made me feel comfortable and relaxed when talking about my areas of insecurity.  She created a great rapport, empathising and understanding the topics which arose, proving she has extensive knowledge in her field.  Attending with a phobia, I learnt so much about myself in just a few sessions and feel she has shown me how to continue moving forward with my life… without a phobia!!  Thank you Natasha :)”

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